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This is a one year subscription to CaseFinder® Web which is updated daily with the latest cases and statutes.

CaseFinder® Web - Annual Subscription

  • CaseFinder® Web is so easy to use, novices get useful results on the very first try.
    Experienced users will appreciate its powerful searching features.


    • CaseFinder® is updated daily with new cases and statutes.

    Powerful Searching

    • Search by Phrase - such as black lung or justice of the peace
    • Word Proximity - find words within a specified number of words of each other
    • Synonyms - Automatically search for synonyms, based on your definitions.
    • Direct to Document - Type in a citation and go directly to that document.
    • CitedIn - One click gets a list of all cases which have cited the document you're viewing.
    • Name Search - Find case names or code section catchlines containing the word or phrase you specify.
    • Date Range - Search for case results within a specified period of time.
    • Saved Queries/Queries From This Session - Queries are saved throughout your session and you can choose to save them for future use.


    • Search Results List - A list of search results that can be sorted many ways. Sort your results by date, database, or number of hits.
    • Cited In List - When viewing a document; clicking on "Cited In" will bring you to a list that contains all documents that cite the document you are currently viewing.
    • History List - Every time you view the text of a document, that document is automatically added to the History List. This can be a life-saver when you know you saw something relevant, but can't remember the name or citation.
    • Keep List- Create multiple document lists containing documents that you have found. You can save and organize these lists for separate research projects. Each document that you save to the Keep List can be annotated for future reference.
    • All of the above lists are searchable.

    Other Features

    • Navigate through any database from our case reporters to our codes and locate documents by volume, date or topic.
    • Save any document in a format that is easy to view and print.
    • We support and have tested under all modern browsers.
  • Cases, statutes and updates are added daily.

    The Supreme Court of Virginia
    Published cases since 1885 (Volume 80)
    Unpublished orders since 1999

    The Court of Appeals of Virginia 
    All published cases since 1985 (Volume 1)
    Unpublished decisions since May, 1994

    Virginia Attorney General
    Attorney General’s opinions since 1967
    Attorney General Conflict of Interest opinions since 1994

    Virginia Circuit Court Opinions
    Selected Virginia Circuit Court opinions since 1991

    Legal Ethics and Unauthorized Practice

    Workers' Compensation
    Published Decisions of the Workers’ Compensation Commission since 1985 (Volume 64)
    Unpublished Decisions of the Workers’ Compensation Commission since 1993

    Virginia Constitution

    Virginia Code
    As effective July 1, 2024,
    incorporating amendments from the 2024 General Assembly

    Virginia Code Archive
    Containing the full text of earlier versions of the Code back to 2002,
    along with amendments in red-line/strike-through format back to 1994.

    Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia
    Current, including amendments

    United States Supreme Court 
    Cases since 1949 (Volume 338)

    U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
    Published opinions since 1971 (450 F. 2d)

    Eastern and Western Federal District Courts
    Opinions since 1988 (700 F. Supp.)

    United States Constitution

    United States Code
    Current through October 11, 2018

    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

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